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Fabian Roschig

“Use me for your business success!”

We need different perspectives and a new way of thinking

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Companies and leaders nowadays face a huge mountain of new challenges: New technologies, new customer expectation, new competitors, new partners, new products. And everything requires high speed.
Even the smartest internal people get into exceptional situations once in a while, get stressed by critical meetings or are affected by organisational blindness.

Sometimes you need a sparring partner, an external perspective, someone who challenges your approaches, shows how other industry players solved similar issues, someone who gives constructive criticism or someone who connects your business with other partners or vendors.

I´ll help your business as a partner, not as an agency, to find the best suitable solutions. With a strong opinion, honest, empathetic, flexible. As a challenger, as a facilitator or mediator, as an interim project manager, strategy consultant or just as a maker.

Your strong partner for new external perspectives, new thought-provoking impulses, challenging of the status quo, and alternative solutions.

Opinionated, flexible, honest, communicative, empathetic.

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Let’s find common ground: What are the challenges, objectives, positions of all stakeholders, timelines.



Together we design a hands-on roadmap for a focused execution. We discuss challenges and watchouts. By providing feedback, external perspective and alternative actions we evaluate all suitable options and develop them further.



As a discussion partner I'll accompany you and your team during the execution phase and support when and where needed with clear and honest feedback, professional expertise, piece of advice and alternative solution approaches.


Review and preview

What did we achieve? How do we go on? What worked? What didn't work? How did you as a leader or entrepreneur develop? How should the business evolve and what are the next steps for the next 6-12 months?


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Basically the ones you want to achieve, but typically clients ask me for help for

  • Digital strategy
  • Innovation strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Important pitch presentations
  • Productivity of their teams
  • Positioning
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Birgit Clauss – Head of Marketing and eCommerce @Condor Flugdienst GmbH

“Fabian supports Condor with leading strategic projects as well as marketing strategy planning. He always provides a hands-on approach, clear roadmaps and continuously challenges the business not only to strengthen and extend today’s business but also harness new tools and technologies to be more competitive tomorrow. He regularly proposes new ways of working to optimise our marketing efforts and to get to more data-driven decision making.”

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Carsten Sasse - Head of Seat Only Sales International Markets @Condor Flugdienst GmbH

“Fabian showed an excellent performance on the job. He was analytical, concentrated, determined and results-driven.“

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Matthias Knobloch - B2C Marketing Manager International, Digital Product Owner @Condor Flugdienst GmbH

“He is an innovative, energetic, ambitious and a strong professional with huge aviation knowledge in markets such as Latin America, Spain, Portugal and Germany.“

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Martin Schumacher - Leiter Vermarktung Print und digitale Medien @kicker

“Fabian kennt sich extrem gut aus mit neuen Businesmodellen und Startups und bringt eine Fröhlichkeit und Leichtigkeit mit, die wir so im Projekt nicht hatten.“

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