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Innovation Audit

Get a fast and in-depth analysis of the effectiveness of your current innovation practice.

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What is an Innovation Audit?

A detailed and objective third-person view on your current innovation capabilities in relation to your strategic objectives. It's the foundation to build a solid innovation strategy based on your particular strengths and capabilities as well as the identified barriers and obstacles. Once completed, it will allow your organization to unlock profitable future growth opportunities with a clear plan of action.

There are 2 main focus areas of the innovation audit:

1. Innovation platform
2. Innovation practice

Focus Nº1Innovation Platform

  • What's the focus of the innovation initiative (incremental, adjacent, or disruptive innovation)?

  • Governance model analysis. Does it foster or hinder innovation?

  • Are we measuring success correctly and do we have clearly defined metrics/KPIs for goal achievement?

  • Organization and ecosystem analysis. Are roles clear?

  • Do you have the right talent, culture, and mindset to continuously create successful innovation?

Focus Nº2Innovation Practice

  • Is the current project management practice effective?

  • Do you use the right processes and are they used effectively?

  • Do you use the right methods and are they used effectively?

  • Portfolio evaluation and mapping of current projects

  • Time to Market analysis

  • What's the % of total revenue coming from new products/services? Does it match with your ambition and focus?

The high-level process of the innovation audit


Tailor the approach given your size, number of divisions, departments, and global locations.

Quantitative Research

Innovation Audit Survey

Capture broad insights across as many departments and divisions as possible to allow an understanding of your innovation culture, employees, and management.

Survey Analysis

Qualitative Research

Semi-structured Interviews

Deep-dive problem exploration interviews with key stakeholders involved in the current innovation capabilities and pipeline.

Coding, clustering, analysis insights

Causal mechanisms and emergent themes uncovered that explain why and how innovation is functioning the way it is.


Comparative data analysis

Causal inferences + key conclusions

Suggest next steps in how to address the specific issues from the strategic level down to the project team level for innovation. In many cases, the next step is to run an innovation strategy sprint in 5 days where we help you shape and define your innovation mission map and innovation vision.

Why do an Innovation Audit?

The accelerated need for transformational change caused by digitalization, speed of business, climate change, COVID-19, emerging startups, and others are pushing your company beyond its comfort zone to stay relevant.

Before embarking on a new journey in the hot pursuit of innovation, it is crucial to understand where you are now whilst building on your existing, unique capabilities, then figure out where you want to go strategically and how. This is exactly why we created the Innovation Audit. It is the starting point of this journey.

The Benefits of an Innovation Audit

Objective Analysis & Benchmark

It will give you an in-depth, detailed, and objective third-person view of your current innovation capabilities.

Avoid wasting time and money on unnecessary change processes

avoid wasting time, money, and frustrating company employees whilst building upon your strengths. No one wants yet another change management fad with hazy goals that aren’t set up to achieve what it set out to.

Evidence-based strategy outputs

Laying the foundations for an innovation strategy sprint. Once completed, it will allow your organization to unlock profitable future growth opportunities with a clear plan of action. Evidence-based decision making based upon qualitative and quantitative data coupled with our cross-industry expertise to ensure to diagnose what is working and what needs improving.

Innovation Audit Factsheet

  • Stakeholder Involvement:

  • Costs estimated (depending on requirements):

  • Time:
    2 weeks

  • Deliverable:
    Actionable document with key insights for every defined item concerning innovation structure/platform and innovation practice laying out a strong foundation for an innovation strategy session.

Do you want more information about this service?

Reach out via email and I'll send you more detailed information or we can jump on a quick call to understand your situation, challenges, and objectives.

Please send me more details about this service


Michael Schwarz

Innovation Strategy Director @ The Coca-Cola Company

Fabian is a relentless advocate of customer & consumer centricity, he knows how to manage his projects in an agile way and lives the growth behavior of “progress over perfection”. Most importantly, he doesn’t shy away from getting his hands dirty himself, while making the team never lose sight of the bigger picture and objective of the project. Fabian is an amazing project lead and is using state-of-the-art tools to engage all team members in the project.

He’s extremely data driven both in terms of performance marketing, but also regarding consumer insights, and he is able to translate these insights into business opportunities for new products/services and pitch them in a comprehensive and convincing way to senior management


Birgit Clauss

Head of Marketing @ Condor Flugdienst GmbH

Fabian always provides a hands-on approach, clear roadmaps and continuously challenges the business not only to strengthen and extend today’s business but also harness new tools and technologies to be more competitive tomorrow. His strong entrepreneurial mindset, marketing expertise and know-how of new technologies provide a fresh breeze and new perspectives to the business.


Luca Gatti

Partner & Associate Director Digital Acceleration @ Boston Consulting Group

Fabian brought to the table strong marketing expertise, a lot of passion and a pleasant can-do attitude.


Martin Schumacher

Head of Sales @ kicker

Fabian knows a lot about new business models and startups and brought cheerfulness and easiness into the project, which we did not have like this before.


Alex Clavien

Management Consultant for Strategy, Innovation & Growth

Fabian worked with us on a disruptive project at Coca-Cola to create a new, consumer-centric business model. He has a strong entrepreneurial mindset and expertise in different innovation frameworks and tools. His ability to focus on consumer needs helped us to shape this project and build an effective solution. I can highly recommend Fabian and it would be a pleasure to work with him again.


Fabian Roschig

Master Strategic & Innovation Management
Certified Design Sprint Facilitator
Certified Mastering Business Model Innovation
Certified Mastering Value Propositions
Certified Mastering Business Testing
Design Thinking for innovation Expert
Agile Leadership Expert
Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®)
Diploma Advanced Digital Marketing
Diploma Tourism- & Eventmanagement
Postgraduate studies SEO, SEA, Display, Social Media

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About Me

Hi, my name is Fabian Roschig.
Instead of copying and pasting my LinkedIn profile, I'd rather tell you what drives me.

I’m entrepreneurial: I believe that new challenges, growth, and improvement makes life and business exciting and challenging. I founded a startup, an incubator for travel startups for Telefónica in Spain, and a 1.800+ community of entrepreneurs. I like the spirit of creating something new and valuable.

I’m Purpose-Driven: I’m passionate about empowering people who share the same ethics and integrity as I do, and solutions that make sense in our current world.

I’m a Connector: I’m driven by creating positive connections. I like to help and believe in positive human interactions.

I’m a Family Man: I am a committed husband and father of 2 energetic boys. I’m focused on finding and maintaining balance.

I am attracted by powerful brands: I had the privilege to advise companies like The Coca-Cola Company, Condor, TUI Travel PLC, kicker, Dr. Oetker, Hochland, Bahlsen, and others on innovation, and honestly, I love it.

I look forward to your challenges and would be happy to assist you with my workshops, as a consultant or sparring partner for your growth initiatives. Happy to jump on a quick call to get to know you better!

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I am looking forward to your challenges and a first meeting to understand your status quo and objectives.

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