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Alex Clavien - Former Manager Digital Product and Innovation @Coca-Cola European Partners

Fabian worked with us on a disruptive project at Coca-Cola to create a new, consumer-centric business model. He has a strong entrepreneurial mindset and expertise in different innovation frameworks and tools. His ability to focus on consumer needs helped us to shape this project and build an effective solution.

About the project

Date 2018
Client The Coca-Cola Company

ToBe, the digital beverage companion.

Target consumers across categories within the Coca-Cola portfolio to maximise consumer lifetime value. Create a direct to consumer approach to leverage insights for the whole system.

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The Approach

We studied all kind of successful business models from different sectors and how they transformed

1. From an internal perspective to consumer-centric
2. From managing single brands as part of a wider portfolio to managing a value adding portfolio of brands
3. From product centric augmented by digital to digital first delivering value through products and services
4. From influenced by statistics to data-driven
5. From single purchase to subscription

The Result

We created ToBe, the digital beverage companion with the ambition to provide the right beverages, at the right time, for the right people. Smarter than Amazon Alexa when it comes to beverage supply and equally connected as the operational system of Apple. Powered and leveraged by all Coca-Cola assets (digital and physical touchpoints). ToBe became the North Star of the Western European Business Unit in 2018 and several projects have been kicked off following the ToBe vision.

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