Let’s turn challenges into new value and €.

Helping companies to unlock new growth by generating new customer-centric business models, and creating and validating new business ideas.

Drive away the evil spirits of the unknown

Digitalization, climate change, Corona. The future of business is uncertain, volatile, ambiguous, dangerous and competitors are entering the market at lightning speed. Yes, but digitalization is as well a major opportunity for those who know how to leverage it.

On the other hand, I also worked in corporate settings. Too many meetings, too many short-term deliverables, too much process, too much hierarchy, lack of external perspectives? Too many irrelevant new products? Lack of growth? You want to start, but you don't know how? How can you manage today's business while being prepared for tomorrow?

Let's take that journey towards an innovative, customer-focused organization together to unlock new growth by generating new business models, and creating and validating new business ideas. Today for tomorrow's business.

Drive away the evil spirits of the unknown


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A methodical, repeatable experimentation process to rapidly validate hypotheses of new products and services with real customer feedback. Identify unmet customer needs and quickly create, design and validate new business ideas.

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Business Model Innovation

New challenges, new trends, new patterns, new technologies, new opportunities.
Together we craft new, profitable, user-centered business models utilizing the full market potential of the digital age.

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Strategy Sparring Partner

With a strong opinion, honest, communicative, empathetic, flexible.
As a challenger, as a facilitator or mediator, as an interim project manager, strategy consultant or just as a maker.
Your strong partner for new external perspectives, new thought-provoking impulses, challenging of the status quo and alternative solutions.

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Alex Clavien - Former Manager Digital Product and Innovation @Coca-Cola European Partners

“Fabian worked with us on a disruptive project at Coca-Cola to create a new, consumer-centric business model. He has a strong entrepreneurial mindset and expertise in different innovation frameworks and tools. His ability to focus on consumer needs helped us to shape this project and build an effective solution.”

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Yannick Frank - CEO @hatchery

“It was a lot of fun working with Fabian on a digital innovation project. Fabian has incredible abilities to discover potentials in markets and combine them with new trends. In addition, Fabian has led all project participants and stakeholders in the organizations excellently. Looking forward to the next projects!”

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Birgit Clauss – Head of Marketing and eCommerce @Condor Flugdienst GmbH

“Fabian supports Condor with leading strategic projects as well as marketing strategy planning. He always provides a hands-on approach, clear roadmaps and continuously challenges the business not only to strengthen and extend today’s business but also harness new tools and technologies to be more competitive tomorrow. He regularly proposes new ways of working to optimise our marketing efforts and to get to more data-driven decision making. His strong entrepreneurial mindset, marketing expertise and know-how of new technologies provide a fresh breeze and new perspectives to the business.”

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Luca Gatti – Partner & Associate Director Digital Acceleration @Boston Consulting Group

“Fabian and I worked together on a transformational project when he was at Coca-Cola. We worked on the exploration and assessment of new business models. Our work enabled the mobilisation of such a large organisation in a new, exciting direction. Fabian brought to the table strong marketing expertise, a lot of passion and a pleasant can-do attitude.”

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I would love to hear your story and challenges to find out how I can help.

Hi, I’m Fabian Roschig.

I'm not a classical consultant, but a hybrid between corporate-expertise, startup founder, entrepreneurial spirit and maker-consultant. When it comes to projects I love ownership, real progress, real value for the customer and the business. I want to be a partner and not an agency. I like to see long-term evolution and be part of it and I don’t like one-night-meetings and workshops. Together, we will transfer “innovation consulting” into real-life digital products and services.

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