Business Model Innovation.


Research, ideate and evaluate new, profitable, user-centered business models utilizing the full market potential of the digital age.

The business world is getting more and more uncertain, volatile, complex, ambiguous.
All industries are changing rapidly and are being disrupted by digitalization and new technologies.
Companies have to learn to get comfortable with change and continuously run processes of evolution to stay relevant, attract the best talent, meet increasing customer expectations and stay ahead of the competition.

“It is not the strongest of the species
that survives but the most adaptable”

- Charles Darwin


We apply a structured 4 step process to assess the desirability and feasibility:

Business model innovation is a central part of a sustainable competitive advantage and has the potential to deliver significantly higher growth compared to product and process innovation.




Understanding the market and drivers of change


Problem fit

Problem fit

Understanding and sizing the customer problem


Solution fit

Solution fit

validation and testing of our solution approach


Market fit

Market fit

Validation of the business potential


Identify key market opportunities (market size/TAM), new technologies and other main drivers of change.

Identify assumptions and experiments to test and validate the new business model with pilot projects.

Identify the ideal customer segment, the size of the problem and the opportunity – desirability and viability check.

Design a pitch deck that can be presented to your C-Level to secure further funding and support.

I will help you to find a new profitable business models creating,
delivering and capturing value to all of your stakeholders.

“Fabian and I worked together on a transformational project when he was at Coca-Cola.

We worked on the exploration and assessment of new business models. Our work enabled the mobilisation of such a large organisation in a new, exciting direction.

Fabian brought to the table strong marketing expertise, a lot of passion and a pleasant can-do attitude.”

Luca Gatti – Partner & Associate Director Digital Acceleration @Boston Consulting Group
Luca Gatti – Partner & Associate Director Digital Acceleration @Boston Consulting Group


I would love to hear your story and innovation and marketing challenges and find out how I can help you.

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